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  • December 28, 2010 - 5:23 pm
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12 Free House Cleanings a Year

For those of you who already love us start telling your friends – right now. For everyone you tell that starts weekly or biweekly services with us you’ll earn a FREE housecleaning. Refer one a month and get 12 FREE cleanings.

Not a customer, but know people who should be? Refer them as well and let your own free cleanings stack up.

Are you a Realtor with clients to refer? Same deal, keep the referrals coming and start giving free cleanings away to attract new customers.

Have a retail establishment or own a small business? Here’s your opportunity to get 12 cleanings by recommending our award winning service.

Looking for a great fund raising idea? Promote our services and earn free cleanings – and then sell the FREE cleanings at your next event or next silent auction. Make sure they are in our service area.

We hate fine print – but here we go. Free cleanings must be redeemed within our service area. Free cleanings are earned after the referred individual completes a minimum of 3 paid services and has selected biweekly or weekly frequency. Free cleanings are limited to 2 hours of cleaning. Start calling your friends and family right now.



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Coupon First Entry Cleaning Only!

$40 Off Referral Program Discount!